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Funeral Checklist

Deepest sympathy to you on the death of a loved one. The checklist below will help you towards planning and arranging a funeral liturgy.


  1. A presentation of 3 or 4 symbols, each representing an activity/hobby/interest/element that was a significant in the person’s life e.g. a photo to represent family. (optional)
  2. Liturgy of the Word: (2 Ministers of the Word)
    1. First Minister: a Reading from the Old Testament
    2. The cantor/singer will normally sing the psalm.
    3. Second Minister: A reading from the New Testament
  3. Prayers of the Faithful: 1 reader or as many readers as prayers chosen (4/5)
  4. Presentation of the Gifts (bread and wine): 2 people
  5. Eucharistic Minister: There may be one in the family who may like to minister the Eucharist or you may like to ask one who is a friend of the family. If not don’t worry, the priest will arrange one)
  6. A poem or verse after Communion is optional.

The priest will help put you in touch with a cantor & organist for the funeral Mass of your loved one. Sacred or Church Music only.

Please see this document for Readings from the Old Testament that you may like to incorporate.