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Couples planning to celebrate the sacrament of marriage are required to give a minimum of 3 months notice to the parish where the wedding is taking place. Also a minimum of 90 days notice to the civil registrar of births, death and marriages is required when the marriage is to be solemnised in the Republic of Ireland and a minimum of 28 days is required to the civil authorities/townhall where the marriage is taking place in Northern Ireland.

On booking a wedding each party is required to complete with the priest in the parish where they are resident Document A of the Church Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form. Document A confirms whether each party is free in civil and church law to be married, and Document B is completed when the couple have completed their marriage preparation course (see The completed pre-nuptial enquiry form should contain:

  • a new baptismal certificate
  • details of Confirmation where applicable
  • Letter of Freedom to Marry OR Statement of Freedom to Marry OR a sworn affidavit of freedom to marry.
  • Certificate of Marriage Preparation Course.

Where the marriage is taking place outside the island of Ireland the completed pre-nuptial enquiry form is sent by the couple’s priest via the Bishop’s House to the diocese where the wedding is taking place. There is normally a charge for this service.

Please see this Document for useful resources when designing your Wedding Liturgy.