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The parish relies totally on the generosity of parishioners and donors. The maintenance and upkeep of parish churches and grounds is quite costly. Visitors to the website, especially those whose ancestors came from Roslea are welcome to make a contribution to the parish. Recently the parish took on two grounds men to service the graveyards. The stained glass windows on the west facing side of the St. Tierney’s Church will be taken out, two at a time, for repair and storm-glazing. The frames also need repainting and in some areas require timber replacement. A similar job is also necessary for the windows of St. Mary’s Church, Magherarney where the delaminating stonework is a major concern. Anything you can give will be much appreciated. Even where one doesn’t worship in the parish but wishes to avail of the services of the parish there is a onus to play a part in contributing to the upkeep of the parish.

If you wish to contribute your donations by Standing Order please contact the Parish Office for a form.

If you would like to make a donation to charity, please consider Roslea Parish.

To contact the Parish Office, Please phone 028 6775 1227 or email

Gift Aid (N.I) & Tax-relief (RoI):

Roslea Parish is approved by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and Revenue of The Republic of Ireland. Under Gift Aid tax can be reclaimed by the parish from HMRC on your donation to the parish to the tune of 25p in every £1, it costs nothing to the donor, all that is required is that the donor is a UK taxpayer. For further information regarding the Gift Aid Declaration, please contact the Parish Office.

Parishioners eligible for Tax Relief in the Republic of Ireland must be PAYE contributors who have donated €250 or over in their annual parish contribution. Contributing by parish envelope means that the amount you contribute is monitored and transparent, very helpful regarding Gift Aid/Tax Relief Scheme.

Why not consider leaving part of your estate to the parish?